Kahoot! Do you wish your lecture was this fun?

“As a student or a lecturer, you undoubtedly know how boring classes can get if there is no interaction and engagement.”

Kahoot! Is the app every lecturer and student needs to download. It is an innovative teaching tool designed to increase social interaction among students in a fun way!

1)    Questions are set prior to lecture on Kahoot by the module leader

2)    During lecture, the module leader will launch Kahoot on her big screen

3)    A unique Game PIN will be displayed at the top of the screen

4)    Students go to kahoot.it to enter the PIN, then enter their nickname.

5)    The questions will then appear on the screen, and students need to pick answers from their mobile devices

According to Brazelton & Greenspan (2000) a positive interaction between lecturers and students, aids student’s cognitive and emotional growth enhancing their mental well-being. This teaching method has a name!

Flipped Classroom

With advances in technological movement and easy access to mobile devices, flipped classrooms gained prominence. It was popularised in the year 2007 in Colorado by teachers Aaron Sams and Jon Bergman from Woodland Park High School. Bergmann and Wilie (2012) listed a few characteristics of this teaching method such as transforming students from being passive listeners to active learners and it also encourages students to study their course materials before class.

Ifeoma Dan-Ogosi, Health and Social Care Assistant Programme Manager at University of Sunderland in London, introduced Kahoot to her lectures. Ifeoma Dan-Ogosi

Ifeoma points out that Kahoot brought a significant difference to her class sessions. She is seeing more engaged students with competitive behaviors. According to Ifeoma, instead of letting students using their smartphones for other purposes in her lectures, she prefers to let them use it productively.  She states that her students are assimilating quicker and are getting smarter.


A sneak peek of Ifeoma’s Health and Social Care lecture using Kahoot!

Educators have recognised  flipped classroom as an innovative and effective instructional approach (Hwang et al. 2015). As 21st century educators and students, it is time (if not late) for you to start embracing technology and get creative in lectures!

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