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 LinkedIn is  powerful networking tool that can help open doors to opportunities. It is a social networking platform dedicated to the business community where you can build relationship and grow your network. Although LinkedIn is a “Social networking platform”, you have to keep in mind that it is not for posting your selfies or photos of what you had for lunch. Therefore, whether you are a current student, a graduate or an executive, having a LinkedIn profile that is professionally written is fundamental.  Here are some tips given by our career adviser, Alice McDougall about how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage.

First impression is the last impression

Your first step to success is to create a comprehensive personal profile. You need to take time to update your LinkedIn with a killer headline and pick a high quality profile photo representing the best version of you.

Market yourself to potential employers

In addition to your photo and headline, your summary section is key to market yourself to potential employers. LinkedIn provides you with 2000 words to write a personal statement that can grab some attention. Remember to never leave this section blank!

Highlight your education, work experience and skills

This is your chance to showcase an online resume, so take the time to list significant educational and professional experiences on LinkedIn. Use your CV as a reference to fill this section. Further you can also add your skills, whether it is a second language or technical IT skills. You can also emphasize on your hobbies and voluntary works. Because remember, employers look for more than just qualifications in a candidate.

Build a network of professional contacts

It’s easier to start with your immediate network such as your class mates, your lecturers, work colleagues, your alumni or individuals you have at least had a conversation with. However, if you are looking to connect with new prospects, make sure you write an introduction message before adding them or you may appear as creepy or categorised as ‘that random person’ on LinkedIn.

P.S it is also creepy to stalk profiles excessively!

Find your dream job

LinkedIn is a massive job database to every student and job seekers. However, if you are just updating your profile and wait for potential employers to reach out to you, you are completely missing out. In 2014, LinkedIn introduced their Job search app which you can download for free and it offers recommended tailored jobs for you.

There are many more things you can do with LinkedIn such as:

Discover vital recruitment information

Explore relevant industry news

Join ‘groups’ of special interest to you

Join in relevant discussions

If you are a current student at University of Sunderland in London and want to know more about LinkedIn – you can join our sessions delivered by Alice McDougall – Careers, Employability and Enterprise Manager. The next sessions will be on Tuesday 6th June at 12.30 to 13.30 in Room 202 and on Thursday 8th June 13.30 to 14.30 in Room 208.



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