Student mobility programme

Student Mobility Programme

Student Mobility

This year we are introducing the ‘Student Mobility Programme’. A capital idea designed to give students from Sunderland the opportunity to discover our London campus and experience all that the city has to offer. The Student mobility programme is for the purpose of academic enhancement, cultural enrichment and diversity in view of the harmonisation between campuses. This is the first year the University has run this project and we are excited to host our student colleagues from the North East and for them to see our city and our wonderful campus.

The Vice-Chancellor Shirley Atkinson, added:

Vice Chancellor

“I’m very pleased to see our Sunderland students experience the cultural, teaching and learning opportunities we offer at University of Sunderland in London. I’m sure our students and staff will make them feel very welcome, and I hope this further enhances their employability and their experience of university life.”

According to studies, a student’s learning environment and their involvement in extra-curricular activities are determinants of career success (Vermeulen & Schmidt, 2008). Our programme encompasses a number of interactive sessions, guest lectures, an IELTS 7 preparation course, company visits and city tours. We are welcoming 250 students and staff from different faculties.

Ruth Wilson, our Head of Services for Students and Marketing, expressed her excitement

University of Sunderland in London

“I am very excited to host our Sunderland peers here in London – 5 years ago when we opened here in London, we knew there would be ambitions for us to give opportunities for our student body to move between sites and to get the opportunity to spend time in both of our wonderful cities. We hope the next project we can get off the ground will be movement between Sunderland, London and our new Hong Kong Campus”.

Our Sunderland pre-registration nursing students will visit hospitals in the capital and will share guest lectures with our nursing students in London. Our International nursing students from Sunderland and London will take part in a two week IELTS 7 preparation course to aid them in their employability post study. This will run as a pilot programme (developed by University of Sunderland in London) with a view to the development of a commercial offer for IELTS 7 which currently runs in a number of colleges across the UK. Business, Tourism and Art, Design and Creative industry students will take part in a number of company visits, trips to galleries and tourist sites as well as having access to guest lectures here at the University of Sunderland in London! Our Tourism society are hosting walking tours for the groups across Greenwich and Canary Wharf.

Students at London campus

University of Sunderland in London

Moreover, our students at London campus are also very enthusiastic to interact and socialise with the groups coming down. They are hosting walking tours, whereby they will guide the students around the city.  Leteechia Rungasamy, an MSc Tourism and Hospitality student in London campus stated “we are really looking forward to meeting our fellow students from Sunderland – as president of the travel and tourism society – we are planning some local tours for the group and showing them around our London campus, and we know they will have a fantastic time and London is such an exciting city to be in!”


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