The University of Sunderland in London is delighted to be partnering with Team COCO

At University of Sunderland in London we constantly strive for opportunities to remind our student body of what they can use their studies for, and the good they can pay back. The COCO motto of ListenLearnSustain is a message we hope all our students can adopt and we now look forward to also encouraging them to get more active for a great cause’. This is a chance to remind ourselves of the positive role education can play in changing lives.

COCO is a charity was founded by our Chancellor Steve Cram, providing education to communities in order to create the opportunity for children to break the cycle of poverty. They are currently working in remote areas of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The importance of education for children cannot be overstated; education promotes better health, improved self-esteem and the development of skills that are essential for making a living in later life.

For 100 million children across the globe, poverty prevents them accessing the education they so desperately need. You can play your part in helping others to help themselves. People living in poor countries don’t want hand-outs; they want the opportunity to transform their lives and the lives of their families. COCO works closely with local community organisations to ensure that the money that you donate is used to maximum effect to give the poorest families hope for the future.

In this increasingly globalised world in which we live, the needs of the world’s less developed countries are coming closer to our doorstep. Each and every one of us has the potential to change the inequalities of the world. You can play your part, however large or small, in eradicating poverty for the most vulnerable children in the world.”  Steve Cram CBE

University of Sunderland in London has teamed up with them to sponsor their new initiative to get people running for a great cause. All the money raised will benefit their overseas programmes and help in improving the lives of children living in poor communities through education. We are looking forward to donning our running vests and logging our miles too – so stay tuned for more info and the chance to get fit for a great cause!

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