What makes London the best city for International Students?

According to an article by Forbes (2017), with its plethora of world-leading universities and cultural attractions, London is the first choice for international students. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of reasons we think make London the best city for International students.

The International Student City

London was also ranked as the 3rd best student city in the world (Telegraph, 2017).  Around 100,000 students come to London each year from approximately 200 different countries. With this large number of students travelling to the city it helps in maintaining the diversity which contributes to the vibrant and buzzing atmosphere. Therefore, it increases your opportunity to mingle and network with people from around the world.

Improve your spoken English

English language doesn’t always need to be learned in a classroom. Studying in London is a great way for you to progress in your conversational English abilities. The more you converse with other people in English, the more fluent you will get.

The multicultural experience

London is home to over 5000 museums and galleries including some of the oldest and most famous buildings in the world. The British Museum, the Royal Opera house, the Tate Modern and many more. The city also offers a vast collection of street food markets, restaurants, cafés and even food festivals which allow you to have tastes from every corner of the world.

London is a lively city

There is always something new to try in London – parties, plays, musicals, festivals, museums, pop-up bars and new social media trends. It’s impossible to get bored in London.  Whenever, you feel too overwhelmed you can still rest in one of the lush parks of London that hide beautiful landscapes, a variety of plants and animals.

Transport connectivity and accessibility

You can reach almost anywhere with the London’s fast tube system with around 270 stations that are accessible by foot in most places.  As a student you can get an Oyster card with 30% off all your fares.  Moreover, with the several airports in London and affordable airlines such as Ryanair or Easy Jets, there is no destination that’s out of bounds to you.

Work opportunities

As a student in London, you will have the possibility to work for 20 hours weekly with your Tier 4 visa. London is also known for the number of affluent industries such as fashion, media, finance, hospitality which increase your chances for internships and placement as you finish your degree. Furthermore, with a London degree, no matter where you go in the world, you can be sure to be in high in demand.

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