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My Journey at the University of Sunderland in London – MBA student

By Adefila Adijat Folasade

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May 4


One of the most impressible days of my life, would remain the day I stumbled upon the University of Sunderland in London in my online search a year ago in preparation for my advanced studies. At that point, while I scoured through the University’s website, with my brother sitting just as keenly beside me, I had no idea that just a few months later, it would come to host some of my best experiences in life and fulfill my dream regarding earning an MBA Degree. I was impressed by all I saw, the facilities and what the school offers to their students. The university admission personnel who helped me from my home country were of great assistance to me.

The welcoming gesture from the University was superb. I was impressed by the speed involving my admission processing; it was stress-free and convenient. I started making friends from all over the world on the first week of induction. It was a great experience and I’ll say this– University of Sunderland in London is one of the best places to network with people from all over the world; the sport activities in the campus are really cool and interesting plus it also brings people together.


The teaching facilities are at their technological peak, they also facilitate and enhance learning processes and access to study materials and communicating with coursework tutors. The school environment is secure, serene and vibrant. The social activities in the University are top notch and I had lots of fun participating in cultural diversity programs, dinners, leisure games and so much more. The University provides opportunities to join a variety of associations; I joined the business group, which is related to my course of interest and I was privileged to contribute my bit in the association, it was a fabulous experience. Oh how can I forget the library?! The library infrastructure and facilities are unique, providing an easily accessible array of all kinds of materials—whether soft or hard copy.


I admire the teaching skills of the university lecturers and the kind attitude from the non-teaching staff. My dissertation supervisor is more like a mentor and attending the University of Sunderland in London is one of the best academic experiences I have ever had. Guess what?  But tell no one; I got a Distinction… Shh!

I also had the opportunity to be selected amongst the students attending the training for entrepreneurial based course in the University, for which we were all awarded a Business Enterprise Certificate. The course is very encouraging and it has helped me to develop my own business plan, which I will be implementing in my home country, Nigeria.

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